I got to go to yoga tonight! My little guy slept and the hubby stayed here while I ventured out to the gym. It didn’t seem too hard but it was good, except I almost fell asleep in shavasana! I’m so grateful I got to go, thanks Shan!

I get to meet the most amazing people at work, I love my job! This morning was insightful, I had someone tell me more of her life before she was adopted.. There were some hilarious stories with cultural differences but also some heartbreaking stories that weighted my while self. I hate how some people really misuse their agency and destroy the innocence of a precious soul. 😦 so a few tears were shed and that anger I had tried to suppress that came from other people who were not pleasant to meet in Ghana. This is why the heavens weep… A child broken and abused.. Made to feel inferior. Who are people to judge and say how worthless they are?? Christ sure had it right when He said he who is without sin let him cast the 1st stone.

I am grateful for the gift of healing that comes through Jesus Christ and His atonement. That’s where we can find peace. do all we can to fight injustice and let God do the rest.

i still do really wish I could go back to that Deaf school I taught at in Ghana and adopt all the little ones!!! And the deaf blind teenagers too! Part of my heart is still there, and of course another piece is in Taiwan… I will go back! For sure to Taiwan… Maybe to Africa. It would be truly amazing to adopt any child from Africa or china. The girl I talked to today wants to adopt kids too and save all the kids she can!

well I should sleep.. One final thing I am grateful for:

I love my little boy and he brings me such joy!!

晚安!(Wan an) good night!


Recipes tips and the diary of a busy vegan mom who loves yoga, spreading sunshine, and sharing my passion for healthy h

Hello world! I’ve contemplated writing a blog or website to share how easy it can be to eat vegan friendly meals to help people feel better and live better but I have been so busy! Yet this past week I’ve been inspired to do more yoga (I’ve loved it for a long time) and now that I’ve seen progression there I thought hey I need to start writing in my journal again! Well it’s hard to have a pen handy and write consistently.. And I usually have my phone so here I am! Who would have thought if write a blog? In church meetings (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS)) they have always encouraged recording your life (family history and journaling) and someone did mention blogging, what a convenient way to hopefully share ight with others. Not to mention writing is a super beneficial to process life and emotions thereby making me a more same person, yay! My husband will be thankful. lol. My students say I’m a bit crazy and if have to agree!

In short I’m a happy mama to a cute crazy spirited talkative boy who will be 2 next month! I’m a teacher for Deaf students in our local school district, and coordinator for ASL services, hence the busy part of life.  I sign ASL and speak or try to still speak Chinese and Spanish. I served an LDS mission in Taiwan where my sister is serving now! (Follow her story on I like to chat hence my talkative son! (He also has a great dad who talks to him often and teaches him words, lucky boy has 2 teachers for parents! And lucky mom to have a fun husband!i love cooking, baking, eating, playing, photography, writing and doing yoga! So here begins my journey in the blogging world! Hope you’ll be inspired to try something new or follow your dreams too!

what do you like to do?

My love, my family, my faith sprinkled with a passion to share the joy that comes through yoga and healthy eating. Allergen friendly!